Calisso's History

Today, CALISSO stands for high-quality, unique and exclusive kitchen knives and cutting boards. Although our company is still very young, it is one of the most sought-after premium brands when it comes to kitchen accessories. 

But how did all of it began? 

Looking back, it was an extremely beautiful and exciting story, and we would love to share it with you. It all started with a spontaneous dinner among friends on February 15, 2020; a day that we didn't expect will change not only our knives, but also the lives of each individual. The central topic of the evening was "healthy cooking". It was striking that everyone reported eating more and more fast food and convenience food. However, everyone missed the unique moments that arise during cooking evenings with family and friends. Little did we know that it was to become the cornerstone of an extraordinary story. 

At the beginning, the company was run in a very small warehouse south of Halle, Germany under the code name "Project 1502". Before all else, we agreed that the most important tool in the kitchen is the knife. Initially, the biggest challenge was to find the right knife steel. After countless attempts, the unique combination of two types of steel was found. The blades could thus be ground very flat, which helped to make them extremely sharp and also made the grind last exceptionally long. The sharp, flat-ground blade preserves the cell wall allowing more vitamins and nutrients to retain on the meat or vegetable when cutting. In addition, the V-Gold-10 stainless steel core allowed the blade to be easily sharpened, even by those without experience. 

After the perfect blade steel was found, the real challenge came: the handle. After the first prototype was finished, we realized that the knife was extremely agile and easy to use due to the shape of the blade, but the handle looked rather typical. However, we noticed that the handle of every knife we knew lacks personality. So we started thinking about how we could bring life back into the seemingly dormant world of kitchen design. In the end, ideas from 3 different countries inspired the very first design - the Aquamarine Line.
The fusion of deep blue epoxy resin and naturally grown maple root wood is reminiscent of the vast ocean melting into the mainland. Each handle should become as unique as the coasts of this earth. However, if the unique handle is not enough for you, you can personalize your knife and the packaging individually according to your wishes. The fancy, personalizable handles then became the trademark of CALISSO.

In the course of the enterprise, the so-called CALISSO quality standard was created. Each knife is meticulously inspected and certified by hand before being shipped to the customer. This way, we can ensure that every customer receives a perfect knife with which they will have a lot of fun while cooking. 

The choice of packaging is also an exciting story. CALISSO should not start with the first cut but while our product is being unpacked. We want every customer to feel the exciting feeling of unpacking their Christmas gift. As a little extra, the wooden boxes are perfumed with a pleasant gender-specific scent before they are shipped.

However, our world did not only inspire our handles. We are aware that we had to do something for the Earth, and we decided to run CALISSO in an environmentally conscious way. All of our products are packed in an ecofriendly packaging. We only use renewable and biodegradable raw materials, and plastic is reduced to a minimum by us and our suppliers. Our knives come in a high-quality wooden box filled with wood wool - which can be personalised in addition to the knife. Furthermore, the filling material is certified by the Blue Angel.

So why are we doing all this?

We hope that our knives will ignite our customers' love for cooking, encourage them to spend more time in the kitchen and thus lead healthier lifestyle.

The future is uncertain, but we know that this is just the beginning of a very special story. We thank each and every customer who is part of the CALISSO family

Are you ready to spend unique and unforgettable moments with your family and friends, have fun cooking and eating healthier? If the answer is "YES", don't hesitate any longer and become part of the CALISSO family today!

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